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From: Nancy Desjardins, R.N.C.P. Holistic Nutritionist

I am the owner/founder of
I’ve known Gino from OceanGrown Canada Ltd. for the last 7 years! He's the person who introduced me to growing my own sprouts at home and introduced me to OceanSolution and Ocean Water in a Bottle as well. I’ve been using ocean-water for several years now! My sprouts not only look healthy and last longer, but taste amazing.
I know I'm adding many more nutrients back into my body. I’ve been recommending OceanSolution / Ocean Water in a Bottle to my clients! I’ve always trust Gino’s recommendations and followed his advice and continue to do so.

From: Colin Buchanan (Temecula, CA)

"My experience with Ocean Water in a Bottle has been full of results. I realize the power that ocean water has on all life forms. This Ocean Solution is the best way to utilize this intelligence. My wheatgrass is very sweet and powerful since using it. I also have less problems with mold and faster, steady growth. I can tell the difference in the grass... I use filtered water and mix it 1 oz. to the gallon. It seems to give the same results if i use a little less concentration as well."

From: William Kruidenier (Charlotte, NC)

I have followed a vegan diet, and been a daily consumer of fresh vegetable/fruit juices for the last several years but I had not been consuming wheatgrass juice. After growing, juicing, and consuming my own wheatgrass the last three weeks (4-8 oz. of juice daily), I have noticed a significant difference in three areas: weight control, appetite suppression, and energy. First, at age 55, even with eating right and exercising, I have noticed a tendency for my weight to creep up past my ideal of 170 lbs. But since drinking wheatgrass juice daily, my weight has stabilized at 170. Second, I don't eat as much, and have noticed an absence of cravings.
The wheatgrass juice seems to satisfy my nutritional demands. Third, I have noticed a welcome change in my energy level. I don't get drowsy during the day and seem to need a bit less sleep. When growing my wheatgrass for juicing, I have watered it with Ocean Water in a Bottle, and can only theorize that the additional minerals in the OceanSolution are 'empowering' the wheatgrass. I plan to make wheatgrass juice (grown with this Ocean Solution) a regular part of my nutrition regimen.



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